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Genciana azul (Gentiana acaulis)

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Genciana azul (Gentiana acaulis)
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20 Pzas.
Nombre botánico:
C. grandiflora, Ciminalis acaulis, Ericala alpina, G. kochiana, Gentiana acaulis
Palabras clave


Trumpet gentian, also known as stemless gentian, is native to the European Alps. Its dark blue flowers appear very early in spring. The long-lived perennial and extremely hardy flower spreads after successful cultivation preferentially in rock
gardens, where it forms small bushels and requires only very little care. It is a good ground cover and forms small clusters or tufts of several plants. It is well suited as a cemetery plant because of its evergreen foliage and can also be grown as a pot plant.

This species is similar in appearance to gentiana clusii, although it does not thrive well on calcareous soils, but rather on nutrient-poor pastures and mountain meadows with a low lime content. It is a protected plant of the Alps and may not be collected growing in the wild.

Gentian root is a strong and reliable remedy whose bitter substances have a strengthening effect on the digestive system and are an effective tonic in general.

Conten: Stemless gentian, approx. 20 seeds

Sowing & Cultivation

The fully hardy gentian loves sun, but als thrives in partial shade. The key to success is well drained and moist soil without any waterlogging. The plants should be planted at a distance of about 25cm. Sowing: The seeds need cold to germinate and should either be sown in autumn or need a period of cold stratification before sowing in spring (from February).

Picture source:
By Isidre blanc - Eigenes Werk, CC-BY-SA 4.0, Link
By f.corageoud - Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Cuidados y propiedades

Familia de plantas:
Altura de las plantas aprox:
10–15 cm
Sistema radicular :
Raíz pivotante
Color de las flores:
Período de floración :
Abril, Agosto, Julio, Junio, Mayo
Posiciones semisoleadas, Sol
Requisitos de agua:
Regar moderadamente
Ciclo vital :
Perenne, Vivaz
Rusticidad al frío hasta:
–35 °C

Siembra y cultivo

Periodo de siembra al aire libre:
Febrero, Marzo, Octubre, Septiembre
Distancia entre plantas aprox:
25 x 25 cm

Asociación de cultivos

Otros nombres

Nombres alemanes:
Kochscher Enzian, Silikat–Glocken–Enzian, Stengelloser Silikat–Enzian, Stängelloser Enzian
Nombres en inglés:
stemless gentian, trumpet gentian
Nombres franceses:
Gentiane acaule, Gentiane de Koch
Nombres italianos:
Genziana di Koch


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