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Kit de semillas: 'Judías exóticas'

4 variedades de frijol inusuales

Kit de varios artículos
Kit de semillas: 'Judías exóticas'
Kit de semillas: 'Judías exóticas' #0 Kit de semillas: 'Judías exóticas' #1 Kit de semillas: 'Judías exóticas' #2 Kit de semillas: 'Judías exóticas' #3 Kit de semillas: 'Judías exóticas' #4 Kit de semillas: 'Judías exóticas' #5 Kit de semillas: 'Judías exóticas' #6
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Generally speaking, beans belong to the oldest and most important staple foods of mankind worldwide. They are enjoyed in soups, salads, as bean pastes and even in puddings. It is lovely to eat the young crunchy pods or most commonly their seeds, the
typical beans of all sizes and colours.
Less known is the fact that there are a lot of unusual bean varieties originating from Asia, South America and Africa.

For this seed kit we therefore hand selected 4 uniquely exotic bean varieties:
  • Azuki/ adzuki/ aduki bean (Vigna angularis) approx. 50 seeds
    Azuki beans are a sweet tasting East Asian, red bean variety, which is a popular delicacy in Japan, often used in puddings and for cake fillings.
  • Hyacinth bean/ lablab bean/ bonavist bean/ dolichos bean/ seim bean/ Egyptian kidney bean/ Indian bean/ bataw/ Australian pea (Lablab purpureus) approx. 10 seeds
    This African bean variety is a beautiful climber, with very decorative purple flowers and pods, which are prepared similar to our common garden beans.
  • Lima bean/ butter bean/ sieva bean (Phaseolus lunatus) approx. 20 seeds
    This attractive, tropically colourful South American bean variety is easy to grow and thrives even when cultivated in pots.
  • Yardlong bean/ cowpea/ asparagus bean/ Chinese long-bean (Vigna unguiculata) approx. 30 seeds
    This is an exotic, tropical bean variety, which can produce pods with up to 1m lengths, which are prepared similar to our native green beans.
The seeds of each variety are packaged in a separate sachet. br/>

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Judía de metro, caupí (Vigna unguiculata)
1Judía de metro, caupí (Vigna unguiculata)
2,35 € *
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Judía azuki (Vigna angularis)
Nuestra recomendación
1Judía azuki (Vigna angularis)
1,95 € *
{"list_position":1,"systype":"article","name":"Judía azuki (Vigna angularis)","id":"VIG01","list_name":"setlist"}
Pallar, Haba de Lima (Phaseolus lunatus)
1Pallar, Haba de Lima (Phaseolus lunatus)
2,55 € *
{"list_position":2,"systype":"article","name":"Pallar, Haba de Lima (Phaseolus lunatus)","id":"1140","list_name":"setlist"}
Zarandaja (Lablab purpureus)
1Zarandaja (Lablab purpureus)
2,55 € *
{"list_position":3,"systype":"article","name":"Zarandaja (Lablab purpureus)","id":"1082","list_name":"setlist"}


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