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Kit de semillas: Hortalizas antiguas, 9 variedades

9 deliciosas variedades de vegetales olvidados

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Kit de semillas: Hortalizas antiguas, 9 variedades
Kit de semillas: Hortalizas antiguas, 9 variedades
Kit de semillas: Hortalizas antiguas, 9 variedades
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For this seed kit we selected the finest vegetable cultivars, which have been widely known and were once very popular in past history but which have currently and undeservedly so, moved slightly out of our focus.

Included in the historical heirloom vegetable seed kit are:
  • Root Chervil/ Parsnip Chervil/ Bulbous Chervil/ Tuberous-Rooted Chervil/ Turnip-Rooted Chervil (Chaerophyllum bulbosum)
    Chervil root is one true family member of the slow food concept, as it takes roughly 10 month from sowing it from seeds to serving it at your dinner table. However, connoisseurs agree it is worth all the time and effort. These root vegetables have an exquisitely fine flavour of potatoes and chestnuts with a discrete sharp note reminiscent of celeriac and parsnips.
  • Tuberous Pea/ Tuberous Vetchling/ Earthnut Pea/ Aardaker
    Tuberous peas grow spread out on the ground and develop lots of dendrical offshoots, which form small edible tubers that can be cooked or roasted and have a lovely nutty aroma.
  • Sugar pea 'Frühe Heinrich'
    These delicate peas can be eaten raw or cooked. Old German variety.
  • Beetroot 'Crapaudine'
    One of the first beetroot varieties, 'Crapaudine' beetroots have been established since the 17th century are known for their supreme flavour. These beetroots grow in irregular shapes and tend to be rather rich.
  • Green Orach/ Garden Orache/ Mountain Spinach/ French Spinach/ Orache/ Arrach
    Green orach is also one of the rediscovered ancient vegetable rarities. Their leaves can be picked and prepared like spinach and taste delicious raw as salad, steamed or sautéed.
  • Good-King-Henry/ Poor-Man's Asparagus/ Perennial Goosefoot/ Lincolnshire Spinach/ Markery/ Mercury Goosefoot/ English Mercury
    'Good-King-Henry' is a local wild plant, which has already been cultivated for centuries and used to be a common vegetable in domestic gardens. Again, its leaves can be prepared as a spinach alternative and have a lovely tart and tangy aroma.
  • Horse Bean/ Broad bean/ Fava Bean/ Faba Bean/ Field Bean/ Bell Bean/ English Bean/ Windsor Bean/ Pigeon Bean/Tick Bean
    Often referred to as one and the same kind, 'horse beans' grow from smaller seeds and have been establish much longer back than 'broad beans'. Today we mostly come across horse beans as an exceptional regional vegetable plant.
  • Purple Carrot 'Zanahoria morada'
    Heirloom purple carrot variety
  • Sea Kale/ Seakale/ Crambe
    Sea kale is a 'genuine' local wild cabbage known since the middle ages as a vegetable delicacy, which has a mild flavour, not dissimilar to broccoli. The leaves can be harvested continuously.

All seeds in this kit derive from traditional, heirloom vegetable varieties and have been produced exclusively from open-pollination, therefore all plants grown will be true-to-seed.

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