'Colourful Beets' seed kit
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'Colourful Beets' seed kit

with 4 flavoursome varieties to grow your own red-yellow, white & striped beetroots

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Beetroots or 'beets' have been an institution in the vegetable patch for centuries and were introduced by the Romans, who brought these healthy root vegetables with them from the Mediterranean region to Central Europe.

From a culinary point of view beetroots had moved slightly out of focus for a while but currently celebrate renewed popularity. Due to the fact that they store very well, we tend to regard beetroots as a typical winter vegetable and associate it with warming dishes such as stews or the famous Russian borscht but they also taste delicious by themselves as side dish or uncooked in salads.
Growing beetroots is very easy. The plants thrive in most soils and need very little attention and care.

For this seed kit we hand selected 4 delicious and beautifully colourful beetroot varieties:
  • White beetroot 'Albina Vereduna' which is a very old and mild flavoured variety with round-shaped 'white' roots.
  • Striped beetroot 'Tonda di Chioggia' which is an early producing, old Italian beetroot variety, with oblong roots. Cut in halves sideways, one can admire the beautiful white-red ring pattern of these 'beets', which turns them into a decorative addition to any salad.
  • Yellow beetroot 'Golden' which is a distinctively fruity and sweet tasting yellow beetroot with round roots.
  • Red beetroot 'Bull's Blood' which is a classic red beetroot variety with an earthy flavour and slightly misshapen looking roots. Its leaves can also be enjoyed in salads.
The seeds of each variety are packaged in a separate sachet.

Growing instructions: Sow directly outdoors from mid-April on. 2-3 cm sowing depth. Loves loose humous soils.
Cuidados y propiedades
Altura de las plantas aprox:
Siembra y cultivo
Temperatura óptima de germinación :
20 °C
Distancia entre plantas:
10 x 30 cm
No aptos para asocación de cultivos:
AcelgaEspinacasMaíz PatatasTomatesgartenmeldeguter heinrich
Otros nombres
Nombres alemanes:
Nombres en inglés:
beetbeetrootgarden beettable beet
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