Grow Your Own In January (Organic) - Seed set gift box

Grow Your Own In January (Organic) - Seed set gift box

with 7 vegetable varieties that can be sown in January

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  • Cape Gooseberry / Physalis 'Molly' (Organic) (Physalis peruviana)
    Cape gooseberries are a true exotic delicacy and its flavoursome yellow 'berries' can be enjoyed from August till the start of the frost period.
  • Jalapeño Pepper (Organic) (Capsicum annuum)
    Jalapeno chillies are the crowd pleasers in the chilli pepper family. The ripened crops develop an intensely full-bodied flavour and heat.
  • Sweet Pepper 'Marconi Rosso' (Organic) (Capsicum annuum)
    "Marconi Rosso" is a wonderfully sweet aromatic pointed sweet pepper variety from Italy.
  • Habanero Pepper (Organic) (Capsicum chinense)
    The old, classic Habanero type with the typical very hot, fruity, slightly smoky, "tropical" aroma with hints of melon.
  • Lettuce 'May King' (Organic) (Lactuca sativa)
    Very early butterhead lettuce. Can be sown in open ground from January.
  • Cocarde Lettuce 'Salad Bowl' (Organic) (Lactuca sativa)
    'Salad Bowl' is a beautiful, re-growing oak leaf lettuce variety with a long lasting harvesting period.
  • Purple Snap Pea 'Blauwschokker' (Organic) (Pisum sativum)
    Early ripening, violet-flowering peas with blue pods.
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