Mild Aromatic Chilli Peppers - Seed kit
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Mild Aromatic Chilli Peppers - Seed kit

with 5 aromatic and tasty varieties

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Seed kit
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This seed kit contains of 5 mild chilli pepper varieties with hardly any or no heat at all. Instead these chillies offer a wonderful spectrum of flavours and therefore also lend themselves well to be combined with some more intensely hot chilli

The kit includes:
  • Chili Pepper 'Bishop's Crown' (Capsicum baccatum)
    Mild chili from Brazil with bell-shaped fruits. The fruity aroma reminds of rhubarb.
  • Mulato chilli pepper (Capsicum annuum)
    A mild Mexican chilli pepper variety with hardly any heat but a lovely, fully developed sweetness. These chillies are very aromatic and its broad large crops take on a chocolate brown colouring once dried.
  • Red Cheese Pepper (Capsicum annuum)
    The Red Cheese Pepper is also a sweet pepper variety descending from the apple pepper family. The crops carry no heat but amaze with their wonderful sweet pepper flavour instead.
  • Trinidad Perfume (Capsicum chinense)
    This Carribean chili variety has an intense fruity and sweet flavour.
  • Padrón pepper (Capsicum annuum)
    These chilli peppers, which are famous for being served pan-fried in olive oil as tapas are a heritage variety from the surrounding areas around Padrón in Spain. Hardly any heat.
The seeds of each variety are packaged in a separate sachet.

The seed sachets and detailed growing instructions in German and English are packed in a beautiful gift box - a great, sustainable gift for the garden. Any plant lover will be pleased.

Caution: Chilis need very warm temperatures of +24-28°C to germinate. We therefore recommend the use of a mini greenhouse with a heating function.
Cuidados y propiedades
Altura de las plantas aprox:
60 cm
Siembra y cultivo
Temperatura óptima de germinación :
25 – 28 °C
Distancia entre plantas:
40 x 40 cm
No aptos para asocación de cultivos:
Inadecuados para asocación de cultivos:
AjoCapuchina FrijolesLechugaMaravilla
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