Root Chervil & Radicchio / Chicory - Seed kit
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Root Chervil & Radicchio / Chicory - Seed kit

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Seed kit
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Radicchio is well suited as a following crop for the rare root chervil, because the bulbous chervil turnip can already be harvested in June or July. Exactly the right time for sowing radicchio.

The following 3 plant varieties are included in this intercropping seed set:
  • Root chervil/ parsnip chervil/ bulbous chervil/ tuberous-rooted chervil/ turnip-rooted chervil (Chaerophyllum bulbosum)
    Chervil root is one true family member of the slow food concept, as it takes roughly 10 months from sowing it from seeds to serving it at your dinner table. However, connoisseurs agree it is worth the long wait and effort. These root vegetables have an exquisitely fine flavour, reminiscent of potatoes and chestnuts with a discrete sharp note reminiscent of celeriac and parsnips.
  • Radicchio / chicory 'Palla Rossa' (Cichorium intybus var. foliosum)
    'Palla Rossa' is a classic radicchio variety, with the typical dark red-white veined leaves and the unique, slightly bitter tasting flavour.
  • Radicchio/ chicory 'Variegata di Castelfranco' (Cichorium intybus var. foliosum)
The seeds of each variety are packaged in a separate sachet.

Intercropping or companion planting is the implementation of a sensible crop balance in your vegetable patch, just as nature demonstrates it. Although the competition between plants is usually intense, as every plant strives to get the most light, water and nutrient conditions, there are always so-called companion plants. This term refers to plant species that can live well side by side because they do not interfere with each other but very often actually support and strengthen each other. Those companions are sure to create a good and balanced neighbourhood in your vegetable patch.

We have developed a series of intercropping and companion planting seed sets. Each set contains 3 to 6 plant varieties, which are very well suited for cultivation as companion species. In most cases, these are vegetables and herbs. It is possible to alternate the companion plants in rows, within a row or also in mixed variety as it happens with square-foot gardening.
The immediate neighbouring plants should complement each other and not attack each other's basis of life. Ideally you will find neighbours such as carrot and salad (deep roots and shallow roots) or cabbage and peas (heavy and light demand in nutrients) or maize and pumpkin (sun and shade loving plants).
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