Seed Sets for Children

The sowing of plant seeds is a great experience for children. With little effort, a seed grain can be put into the soil and, after a few days, the growth and development of the plant can already be watched with the naked eye. Of course, it gets
with 5 easy plant varieties that grow quickly, are edible and never fail to impress
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Bunny Vegetable for Human & Animal (Organic) - Seed Set
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con semillas de 6 emocionantes hortalizas y material complemetario hermosamente diseñado
{"list_position":7,"systype":"article","name":"Monstruo de tierra y Bruja de hierbas- Set de regalo de semillas infantil","id":"AS-KIND","list_name":"tree-2643"}
especially exciting when blossoms appear and, in the following, also fruits, which, in the best case, even taste good.

Based on these requirements, we create our seed sets for children. We want to enable the child to explore and understand the wonders of the plant world appropriate to its age.

We offer different sets of a mere seed compilation that contain simple and exciting plants for children all the way to elaborate sowing sets that are a great present for children.