Aguileña común (Aquilegia vulgaris)
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Aguileña común (Aquilegia vulgaris)

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The common columbine is native to Europe and is a rather unpretentious perennial with beautiful purple flowers, which are particularly attractive for bees because of their high nectar content. It grows very well at various locations, but has
nowadays become quite rare in the wild and therefore a protected species in many countries.

Historically, the plant has been used as a remedy for scurvy, but it plays only a minor role in current herbal medicine, since parts of the plant contain slightly poisonous alkaloids. Regardless of its medicinal effect, however, it is very suitable as a tea plant, since its sweet flowers taste outstanding in herbal teas.

In European mythology, the columbine was alleged the ability of enhancing love charms, and it was used in magic amulets. Its seeds were added to aphrodisiac perfumes and supposedly even chewed by courtesans at royal courts all over Europe. In ancient Rome the vestal priestesses were not allowed to even approach the plant.

Seed, content: approx. 200 columbine seeds Growing from seed is not complicated, since the plant also seld-seeds and has quite good germination capactiy. The sowing should take place at approx. 5mm depth, pre-culture can start in the early spring from February, whereby the seedlings may be planted only after the last frosts. Direct sowing ist possible starting in April, planting distance about 30cm.

The best location is in the half-shade, but it can also thrive in the sun if the soil is fertile and permeable. It tolerates sandy and loamy soil well, but needs good water supply without any waterlogging. Mature columbine plants are not frost tender and can withstand temperatures up to -25 °C.
Cuidados y propiedades
Familia de plantas:
Sistema radicular :
Color de las flores:
Ciclo vital :
Posiciones semisoleadasvolle sonne
Siembra y cultivo
Precultivo interior (semillero):
Periodo de siembra al aire libre:
Otros nombres
Nombre botánico:
aquilegia vulgaris
Nombres alemanes:
elfenhandschuhfrauenhandschuhfünf vögerl zusammkapuzinerhütlipfaffenkäppleschlotterhosetaubenblumetauberlnvenuswagenwald–akelei
Nombres en inglés:
common columbineeuropean columbinegranny's bonnetgranny's nightcap
Nombres franceses:
ancolie commune
Nombres españoles:
aguileña común
Nombres italianos:
aquilegia commune
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