Chiribita (Bellis perennis)
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Chiribita (Bellis perennis)

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The daisy is probably the most famous wild plant with edible flowers worldwide. With only 4-15 cm in height, this little meadow flower began its circumnavigation of the world back when it became en vogue to create lawns in parks and gardens. With
contaminated grass seeds it spread rapidly from the Mediterranean region all around the world.
Daisies bloom with great endurance from March until November. Individual lawn daisies are sometimes already found in the melting snow. Bellis perennis grows in nutrient-rich, sunny locations and is therefore always found in over-fertilized pastures and lawns in parks and gardens. You can harvest the young daisy rosettes like lamb's lettuce and also prepare them as a salad. The buds can be pickled and eaten like capers, the flowers are edible, too. Since they have a slightly bitter taste, they are used mainly as salad garnish.

Package with approx. 1000 daisy seeds

Growing instructions

Main sowing period is from March to July. Sow the seeds broadcast into lwans, meadows or fields or put them in pots and press onto the soil lightly. The germination period can be between 2 days and 2 weeks. Keep moist during this period.

They will remain in lawn if it is mowed regularly, and will reproduce by themselves. Daisies prefer sun or partial shade and nutrient-rich, moist soils.
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